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The objectives of the subproject "Environmental Science" are to clarify dynamical features of biotic communities and populations which are subject to various natural and artificial disturbances, and to conserve the biodiversity in such unstable environments. The subproject has two research groups: One group is studying vegetation histories and biotic communities changed in the past by using analyses of fossil pollen, charcoal record and trace fossil. The other aims to reveal the relationships between dynamics of biotic communities and biodiversity, and land slide or disturbances of human and wild animals in mountainous areas in Kochi Prefecture. In 2010, we investigated the degradation of the vegetation developed in the areas around Mt. Sanrei, Shikoku Mountains where grazing pressure by Sika Deer are increasing rapidly. The conservation of biodiversity in this area was conducted by setting deer protection nets in various environments.

Subprojects Reports of Environmental Science


Subprojects Reports of Environmental Science in 2010(Japanese)