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Many factors characterizing climate, culture, industry, and natural environment of Kochi prefecture originate from the Pacific Ocean. For the members belonging to the Natural Science Cluster, Kochi University, marine science occupies a very important position and is sometimes mandatory to the regional society. Research fields of great interest and importance may include modes and functions of a wide variety of marine lives, generation and exploitation of marine resource, and oceanic environment affecting on terrestrial lives. The Natural Science Cluster, Kochi University has organized “Marine Science” subproject to study rich boon from the ocean, complex system inside the body of marine lives, and potential danger inherent to the ocean. We are dealing with individual theme such as biodiversity in Kochi prefecture, structure, function, and evolution of genes of interest in marine invertebrates, repetition history and generation mechanism of great interplate earthquakes at the oceanic trench, and oceanic effect on tropical rainfall system.

Subprojects Reports of Marine Science


Subprojects Reports of Marine Science in 2010(Japanese)