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Rural problems as results of aging and depopulation, such as increasing abandoned farms, disappearing communities after weakening the community functions, and biodiversity loss, have become more severe in these decades. This project aims to conduct action-researches to resolve the problems. The research area in Japan is Kochi prefecture where the problems are seriously advanced comparing with other prefectures. The other focusing areas are Southeast Asia countries where same type of problems has been just happening. In Japan, we intend to utilize rich natural environment in rural areas. For example, we try to conduct activities to produce forest and agriculture products, such as slash and burn farming, blueberry growing and sawing lumber for planted-forest management. We also attempt to establish low cost life-style in rural communities utilizing abundant natural resources, such as mini-hydro generation. In Southeast Asia, the present condition concerning aging and depopulation and effects by those phenomenon in rural communities are studied, focusing Sarawak of Malaysia as our main study area.

Subprojects Reports of Rural Resource Uses


Subprojects Reports of rural resource uses in 2010(Japanese)