Activities of Water and Biomass

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We have just started a research project “Water and biomass” focusing on development of an innovative recycling system for bio-resource, water and energy. This study is subdivided into three research areas:

  1. Cascading water and/or biomass cycle system
  2. Energy production from forest and agricultural bio-resources
  3. Watershed management for sound water environment

Research area 1 conducts various kinds of research aiming at the development of innovative cascading water/bio-resource recycling system breaking away from conventional one-pass type utilization system. This cascading system could produce valuable products by utilizing the bio-resources in consideration of their qualities. Research area 2 aims to realize self- sustenance in energy in rural area by utilizing water and bio-resources. Novel technologies and systems for the utilization of forest and agricultural bio-resources as energy will be developed from the aspects of collection of bio-resources and utilization as solid fuels. Research area 3 carries out the development of various kinds of water environmental protection technologies and field observations for water environment by the collaboration of researchers from different research fields. I hope that the promotion of this project will simultaneously lead to the effective utilization of water and bio-resources, environmental protection, and activation of rural areas.

Subprojects Reports of Water and Biomass


Subprojects Reports of Water and Biomass in 2010(Japanese)